Find the transition primer here:

Transition DVD Shrewsbury FoE have a copy if you would like to borrow it. See below.

Books: Rob Hopkins started it all…. Transition Towns
and now….Transition timeline How it’s going to happen
Just out……Transition guide to local food
Available from Pengwern Books, St Alkmund’s.
Support local shops- all part of resiliance.
Shrewsbury FoE have a number of DVDs
The Power of Community – how Cuba is dealing with Peak Oil
The end of suburbia
Hawaii message in the waves – Rebecca Hoskins video about plastic bags
An inconvenient truth – Al Gore’s magnum opus on climate change
Powerdown – 8 episodes on different aspects of energy descent.
Peak Oil
We are traffic – about ‘critical mass’ cycle movement
Building of earthship Fife – making houses out of rubbish!
Permaculture in action
The Powerdown Show – transition ideas.
In Transition – held by TTS.
Learning from Ladakh
Farm for the future – as shown on TV

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