Apr 092013

Regarding the proposed South Shropshire ‘sustainable’ urban extension – the first phase of which has now been submitted for planning and would have a major impact on the Rae Brook valley. The proposals have not been well advertised and are not aware of the scale of what is being proposed. The closing date for comments on the application is Thursday!


The thoughts of Mike Streetly, whom we broadly agree with:

1) Visual impact – there has been no visual impact assessment of either the SSSUE or Sutton Grange proposals. Given the scale of the development, this is a major omission and it’s hard to assess how big the impact will be without this assessment being carried out
2) Impact of development as a barrier to access to the countryside from Belle Vue. As Shrewsbury grows these green corridors will be more and more important. The proposed development does not give adequate attention to these important features.
3) Impact on the Rae Brook
4) Transport for school children – this is supposed to be a sustainable development but, given the distance to local schools, it seems likely that most primary age children will travel by car. School transport is not specifically addressed in the transport assessment.
5) The proposed housing only meets the minimum energy efficiency standards – for a sustainable development we should be demanding the highest standards
6) The mix of housing: more than half is allocated to 4/5 bedrom houses whereas the clear message in the SSSUE consultation was that local people want starter homes and small family houses. The proposed houses are for affluent commuters not for local familes.


Please do log on and leave your comments – we can change proposals like this for the better!