Jul 142013

James and I have been having some very exciting conversations about the possibility of setting up a reuse and repair centre in an abandoned coach house near the Abbey, but while we do the initial investigations on that we thought that it would be really lovely to have a monthly reuse and repair café, where people can bring along their broken items they want to repair or upcycle and their enthusiasm to have a go and we can use our collective knowledge to try and fix them. Also if you (or someone you know) just loves fixing things we would be delighted if you wanted to come and share your knowledge. I was thinking that the Bird’s Nest Café would be a good venue as they have plenty of space and a Sunday afternoon felt like a good time for socialising and being creative. So it’s planning quite far in advance but I have set up a doodle poll with some dates in Sept and Oct for having our first get together. (http://www.doodle.com/evn6abvxzbecu5pm) Please fill it out if your interested. And you can get in touch with me on kezereky_the_first (at) hotmail.com