Apr 162013

As some of you may have seen, the council are seriously considering selling off a parcel of land on London Road for up to 56 plots for self-build projects.

The council are currently taking note of interested parties, and would particularly welcome interest from groups who might develop several plots together.

It is all very early days, they are currently having the various required land surveys done etc, but there is a very real chance that this will happen.

Who would be interested in forming a self-build group and potentially taking this further?

Please contact James Smith – james@j3buildingfutures.co.uk

  2 Responses to “Potential Self-Build Project”

  1. My daughter and I are really interested. We would like to know more and become involved.

    • Hi Amy/Eve – Thank you for your interest. I’m currently collecting interested parties – could you email me at the above address so that I have your address? Thank you. James