Jul 142013

Summer’s arrived! And the trees are looking lush. It’s time to get out foraging and making the most of the freely available food around us (I spent the evening picking wild cherries last night). Incredible Edible Shrewsbury are going to add to the natural abundance with some PYO herbs in the town centre. We’re just waiting on the actual plants…but we’ll let you know when the first planting day is. We’re also hoping to organise some foraging walks and planting days for people to get involved with.  If you’ve got any herbs, veg plants, seeds, cuttings or even land you’d like to donate – let me know: Griffith.jodie@yahoo.co.uk

Also, Shropshire and Shrewsbury Town Council are totally supportive, so if you fancy digging up that scrap of land at the end of your street and planting some edibles – go for it! Just let them know first, so they don’t accidentally mow it…contact incredible.edible@shropshire.gov.uk