Feb 152010

Transition Town Shrewsbury is part of the growing international movement seeking to tackle the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies and climate change. We want to imagine and create a future that addresses these problems, and creates the kind of community that we would all want to be part of here in Shrewsbury.

The challenges presented to us today by global warming and peak oil (and gas) are perhaps the greatest that humanity has faced. This time brings a great opportunity for rethinking the way we live and making conscious choices about what kind of community and world we would like to live in. Change is coming whether we like it or not – and a planned response to the change will leave us in a much stronger position than if we wait until change is upon us. To find out more about Transition Culture, visit: www.transitionculture.org.

This change will affect every part of our lives, so we’re forming groups to look at the issues. So far we have groups working on food, energy, the economy, change and why we don’t like it, buildings, education, transport and local government. The idea of these groups is to identify what needs to change to make it easier to live a low-carbon lifestyle here in Shrewsbury and give us the skills and confidence to make that change happen.