Why have a food group?

Most of us rely on the supermarkets for our food, buying on price and often buying  food which has travelled hundreds of miles.     But how sustainable is this?  What will happen as oil prices go up?  What effect will global changes in weather patterns have on food supply?

Join us to think about the issues and explore how we can make change here in Shrewsbury.    So far we’re focusing on

  • making the most of the fantastic local food we have through a Shrewsbury “Buy Local “ database –  Rose and Jodie have just got this up and running.  Thanks to a Shropshire Council Grant we were able to get set up a Shrewsbury website.   Just working on the launch now but take a look at
  • getting people growing, together.  Do you want to get access to land for growing?  TTS have helped the Coton Hill Community Allotments get access to land for new allotments.  if you are interested in taking a plot please contact Phil and Libby tel: 01743 231985 to register.

Growing Resources

Shropshire Organic Gardeners

Karuna Permaculture Project, Picklescott

Steve Jones’s Permaculture Blog

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