• Transition works when communities work in unison
  • The Government Group is looking at where there is/is not such unity
  • The community includes Unitary Council, Local Joint Committees, local environment groups, NGO’s, Charities, Area  Partnerships, unaffiliated local groups
  • Our groups aim to help the Council and the communities in Shrewsbury and Shropshire with fulfilling objectives  around the issues of energy descent and resilience.
  1. What the local authority is doing
  2. Planning – carbon impact e.g supermarkets, employment, affordable housing
  3. Sustainability grants – e.g. warm front grants
  4. Co-ordination – issue in contracting out e.g. insulation too many companies call/risk duplication – not transparent  what’s available and how money is being spent
  5. Renewable energy grants eg. to install solar panels
  6. Companies tendering for work with council to demonstrate track record in sustainability
  7. Do Councillors understand what can be gained from Transition
  8. Local Joint Committees – good access point have influence and funding
  9. Apolitical & positive message – Community connections
  10. Connections with local strategy and planning – e.g. forest schools, community cohesion

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