Shrink Your Footprint


Are you fed up with the price of fuel and are you dreading having to put the heating on again this winter? Yeah so am I…. That’s why I got involved with Shrewsbury’s Transition Group.

Transition Town Shrewsbury, TTS, is a group of people looking to find ways of being less dependent on fossil fuels by: reducing household energy use, sourcing food locally and trying to use the car less.

Over the past couple of months TTS has been running a project part funded by Shropshire council, called “How to Shrink your Footprint” – through a variety of roadshows at Shrewsbury events and community workshops, we have been talking to people about how they kept warm last winter and what they think of the price of fuel! In addition, we have been sharing top tips for saving money and the planet at the same time.

A team of 16 TTS volunteers has talked to approximately 850 people and over 200 people have made pledges to use less energy and save money. Pledges include changing to low energy light bulbs, cycling to work, using a powerdown device to take your TV off standby, taking advantage of grants available now for cavity wall and loft insulation, sealing up those draughty doors and windows or not charging your phone all night. These may seem like small actions but they add up – The total money saved in one year by these actions is approximately £20,000 – an annual saving of around 32,500 kg of CO2.

Do you know of a group that would welcome a workshop on how to save energy in your home? Then please contact TTS on 07972 858313.

If you would like to know more about How to Shrink your Footprint please click on one the links below:

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