Shrewsbury Hydro


Shrewsbury Hydro have been working on designs for their Shrewsbury Hydro scheme alongside the Castlefields Weir. This work has been financed from £15,000 won by being one of the 4 winners (out of 646 groups who entered) of the national Energyshare competition in December 2011, £42,725 of funding received in March 2012 under LEAF, the government’s Local Energy Assessment Fund and £19,400 of funding received in March 2014 under RCEF, the government’s Rural Community Energy Fund. This funding has allowed detailed mechanical and civil engineering designs to be drawn up and environmental work to be undertaken into the effect of the scheme on flood, fish and the river environment. The results of this work are encouraging and show that a hydro scheme is environmentally and financially viable.

Alongside this background work, Shrewsbury Hydro have put on a number of exhibitions to show at first hand what their scheme would look like and to receive comments from members of the public, particularly those living nearby.  A 1 in a 100 scale model of the scheme was put on display at a week-long exhibition in April 2012, together with visualisations of different aspects of the finished scheme. The exhibition started at the Shrewsbury Baptist Church Central in Claremont Street before moving to the Castlefields Community Hall in Castlefields and then over the river to St. Peter’s Church Hall in Monkmoor. Since then, exhibitions have been held at the Shrewsbury River Festival in the Quarry, at the Shrewsbury Green Fair at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s Centre in Abbey Foregate and at the launch of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College’s new Environmental Sciences “Severn” Building.  Over 5,000 people have seen the exhibitions and their comments have contributed greatly to the present design.

Shrewsbury Hydro now has its own website at

Shrewsbury Hydro is a part of Transition Town Shrewsbury and it is intended that the hydro scheme should be owned primarily by people in Shrewsbury and nearby with a small part of the income generated being made available each year for other local renewable energy projects.

Have a look at our video about Shrewsbury Hydro below:

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