Jul 142013

We had a lovely AGM at the beginning of June, where we said a big thank you to all the people who have been keeping things on the road for the last year. In official terms all of the officers were re-elected except for Bill who stood down as treasurer. It was good to get together and find out what everyone was up to, we are a busy bunch even if we aren’t always very good at communicating with the outside world about it! The minutes from the meeting will be put on the website once Mark and Bill have written them up.

The Hydro group had a good day at the Shrewsbury River Festival in May, did you see them there?

Something that re-emerged at the AGM was the Shrewsbury Buy Local website that TTS set up. It hasn’t had that much publicity, but there is some really good stuff on there, so do check it out http://www.shrewsbury-buylocal.co.uk/ There were also a couple of people who were going to look at how we could get more out of the website, so more about that in the future.

Along similar lines if you haven’t come across the Shrewsbury Green Guide put together by Friends of the Earth, it is well worth a look with lots of useful local information on it. http://www.shrewsburygreenguide.org.uk/

Also there is a new local Organic Veg box scheme that has just started up called Severn Organics, they are lovely guys, very happy to tailor the boxes to exactly what you want. http://severnorganics.co.uk/