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Green Doors – Event Round-up

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Mar 272013
Shrewsbury Green Doors Headquarters

Shrewsbury Green Doors Headquarters

Many thanks to all our Homeowners and those intrepid visitors amongst you!

Last year was so warm people were too busy outside having barbecues to think about cold houses – this year was so cold people stayed in trying to keep warm! But we carry on regardless in our quest to raise awareness of domestic energy efficiency and to promote cosy, healthy houses undeterred!

We’ll be keeping all the info on the website, as well as expanding to include local, recommended suppliers, tradespeople, and artisans. Please send your recommendations to – we reserve the right to refuse! Our policy is broadly in line with the AECB (, we’re only interested in tried & tested quality..

We plan on having a presence at local events throughout the year, so come and say hello and ask all the questions you like! SGD.